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Trakker Trident As Bivvy (TRARM/TRI)

The Trident AS was designed to be multi-functional bivvy, with all the award winning features of the Armo MK11, but with more options. The first thing you will notice is the new 2 break pole system, which makes it faster to assemble and breakdown. This makes it slimmer and longer when in its bag and will fit in most quivers.

This improved design also means that with the frame support system it is very stable. Not only that but the whole of the front panel can be removed to leave the mozi infill (which can also be removed), to have a completely open front giving you a wide view of the lake. A detachable peak has been added to keep you dry should the rain change direction and came face onto your bivvy.

Like all the Armo range of bivvies it is made from ground breaking Aquatexx material that''s over 40% stronger than conventional nylon fabrics. It also mean the material doesn''t stretch and warp and over time will save you money, where other products may deteriorate, this will keep staying strong."


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