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Dynamite Baits Sardine And Anchovy Boilie (DY539)


Sardine & Anchovy shelf life

One of the things Rod Hutchinson has learnt over his years of angling is that carp love fishy baits and by combining the two potent flavours of Sardine and Anchovy meal with added Anchovy extract you get a boilie with a really strong aroma that is packed full of protein and adored by carp.

This is then boosted even further with the addition of the proven carp attractor Green Lipped Mussel which contains lots of amino acids and gives the bait a real ‘kick’. It also helps to give the bait a dark green tinge.

As well as Rod’s new boilie, which is available in 10mm to 26mm shelf life sizes and as 15mm freezer baits, you can also buy matching Pop-Ups in 15mm and 20mm sizes. A Hookbait Dip and Liquid Attractant are also in the range.


Key features:
- Contains Sardine & Anchovy meal with added Anchovy extract
- Green Lipped Mussel added to enhance pulling power
- Dark green colour
- Available as 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 26mm shelf-life baits and 15mm freezer boilies
- Matching Pop-ups, Liquid Attractant and Hookbait Dip available


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