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Angling Intelligence Baiting Pole 8 metre (AIBB)


The baiting spoon and pole have been developed to provide a purpose made tool for getting your baited hooklink and freebies on to the required spot accurately and with ensured good presentation. The spoon has a dividing bar that can be removed if required. When fitted it creates a barrier behind which the lead can sit to ensure the continued separation of lead and hooklink. The system is highly effective for fishing margin spots, under bushes or at the edge of weed beds etc. It should not be used in or up close to snags that may jeopardize the safety of the fish once hooked. The dividing bar was developed to stop the lead moving in the spoon and coming together with the hooklink thus reducing the chance of an effective presentation once the bait hits the bottom, a problem that was being encountered when using ''bodged'' versions using a standard spoon. The float system can be used as a standard, highly buoyant net float but was developed to be the perfect match for the pole and spoon. Its 12 inch length creating enough buoyancy to keep a full spoon afloat at 8m. The system is yet another unique edge provided to you by Angling Intelligence.

  • 8m of Carbon put over joints enabling reaching those stealth requirement ''hot spots''.
  • Detachable bait spoon with removable divider, used to separate lead from hooking arrangement.
  • Net float which has been designed to compliment the system, supporting a fully loaded bait spoon at full reach.

Baiting Pole RRP: £79.99
Spoon RRP: £9.99
Float RRP: £9.99

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