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MAP Carptek Reel 30RD (RD30)


These superb reels are simply fantastic for the money. We have added a double handle as standard to both models, to take the effort out of playing fish. Both sizes of reels have been loaded with a host of extras, making them an easy choice for today’s match angler.

  • Smooth 9+1 ball bearings
  • Double Handle
  • Rubber paint finish
  • Low fiction alloy spool on reel
  • Supplied with two extra spools
  • Multi-stop anti reverse
  • Balanced rotor with over sized main gear
  • 5.2:1 gear Ratio
  • Rear Drag System RD30 & RD40
    The Carptek rear drag system performs as well as other models costing twice as much. During testing it out performed and required less maintenance than many other rear drag systems currently on the market.
  • Alloy Spool RD30 & RD40
    This low fiction 3 piece alloy spool ensures effortless casting, even with heavier lines. They also offer perfect line lay.
  • Double Handle (All Carptek models)
    High quality machined handles are supplied as standard on all Carptek reels. They proved better balance and more winding power.

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