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ID: Fox Aquos
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When you couple its low diameter with its high strength, you get a line that’s perfect for distance casting. In testing our consultants have been using the line on hard, clear waters that require a bait to be presented at distances of 150 yards and more.

• High abrasion resistant
• smooth performance casting
• crystal clear low visibility
• low stretch
• low memory

Breaking Strength:


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ID: Fox CBL007 Excocet Spod and Marker Braid
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Introducing a brand-new braided main line that is designed specifically for distance spodding and feature finding.

The Exocet is an ultra-buoyant floating braid that contains virtually no stretch, it has a very low diameter and therefore can be cast a very, very long way! The Exocet Spod & Marker Braid is available on a 300m spool.



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ID: Fox Grav Gravitron Pro Sinking Braid
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Gravitron Pro      
A new, super low diameter sinking braid supplied on 300 and 600 metre spools. Designed in conjunction with Fox’s team of leading carp consultants, Gravitron has resulted in many captures in excess of 40lb! Ian Chillcott particularly liked its low diameter for distance casting and its fast sinking properties to help reduce the chances of spooking wary carp.

The braid is virtually stretch free, ultra supple and abrasion resistant

Breaking strength:


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ID: KAL Korda Adrena Line
More information Korda Adrena Line casting mono has been developed by the Korda Team to a demanding specification. They required a line that was soft enough to outcast anything else available whilst being tough enough to withstand the rigours of modern carp fishing. Adrena Line combines extreme suppleness with a level of toughness and durability that would normally be associated with coarse, wiry lines that are difficult to work with.

Breaking Strien:


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ID: Korda Sub SubLine
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Korda Subline

SUBline carp mono has been specifically designed by Team Korda to cope with all extreme fishing requirements. We have tested lines for many years in our lab and SUBline has out performed all others in terms of toughness and knot strength. It is now the only choice when faced with heavy weed, snags or the abrasive terrain of gravel.

By using the latest line extrusion technology, SUBline exhibits outstanding suppleness with the stiff wiry feel often found on super tough reel lines. In addition to all this we have added a very dense material to the formula ensuring the line sinks exceptionally well. Available in the key, popular breaking strains with the addition of a 20lb version for dealing with extra heavy duty carping and European work - subtle green and brown colours are available.


Breaking Strength:


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ID: KORKON Korda Kontour Flurocarbon Mainline
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For the last three years, we have been developing a fluorocarbon main line that ticks all the boxes – one that casts unbelievably well, sinks like a brick and is highly abrasion resistant. In fact, it’s pretty much all Danny Fairbrass uses.
Kontour, as it is known, is very soft compared to many other fluorocarbons, allowing it to quite literally peel from the spool smoothly as your lead propels through the air. This aids casting distance and accuracy.
It is also particularly heavy, ensuring that it sinks to the lake bed keeping flush and out of the carp’s way. Launched in one breaking strain, namely 12lb, it will be suitable for all manner of situations and due to its genuine knot strength will be strong, reliable and user friendly.

Available in 12lb & 200m Spools only



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ID: Power carp Ultima Power Carp Flurocarbon Coated Line
More information Ultima Power Carp is rapidly becoming the most respected Carp Line on the market because it is unlike any other line and has been carefully designed by the world most specialist line producer to do the job that the carp angler needs.

It delivers higher strength and higher knot strength than any other monofilament. It has an abrasion resistance that means it stands up to the roughest conditions with total reliability.

But must remarkably Ultima have incorporated an intelligent stretch systems which means that it has a totally different stretch profile to other monos giving it low stretch at initial power so it''s responsiveness and hooking ability approaches that of braid but when more pressure is applied it begins to stretch more so that it gives the angler the cushion to avoid snap offs from sudden runs.

Power Carp Range and Specification
0.26 8.0 3.6 1,000
0.28 10.0 4.6 1,000
0.31 12.0 5.5 1,000
0.33 14.0 6.5 1,000
0.36 16.0 7.2 840
0.38 18.0 8.2 795
0.42 23.0 10.5 750
0.45 28.0 12.7 605

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ID: PURE Ultima Pure Power
More information Ultima Pure Power Carp is a unique 100% pure fluorocarbon mainline that is very strong with an exceptional knot strength and outstanding abrasion resistance. Pure Power is made using a unique softening process that makes it much more castable than other fluorocarbons. It is also the first pure fluorocarbon to be produced in a coloured version as well as clear. This colouring has chameleon like properties and blends in perfectly with its surroundings on the lake bed. As a pure fluorocarbon, Pure Power sinks like a stone and follows the contours of bottom, eliminating any chance of spooking wary fish when slack line fishing.
A simply awesome product.

Breaking Strien:


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ID: T2653 Nash NXT D-CAM Mono
More information

For the last 3 years we tested and rejected lit...

Breaking Strein:


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ID: Tiger Tiger Line
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Tiger Line is a 100 % Flurocarbon line that is the most supple one on the market its not strength is increadable. Its very low in diameter, and is very smooth.



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