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ID: BANANA Dynamite Baits Banana Nut Crunch Shelf Life

Nuts of all guises are great carp-catchers which is why we’ve crammed Tiger Nuts, Brazil Nuts and Walnuts into this boilie. These nuts also help give it a rough texture which carp love crunching away at!

Other ingredients include Tiger Nut flour which is used as the binding agent, together with peanut oil, natural sweeteners and a creamy banana nut flavour: together you have a boilie which proves irresistible to carp!

The boilie itself is the perfect alternative to more traditional fishmeal-based boilies and is equally as effective in the summer as it is in colder, winter months. It’s also easily digestible, holding fish in your swim for longer without risk of over-feeding them.

Why you need this bait:
• Full of Tiger Nuts, Brazil Nuts and Walnuts
• Rough texture that carp can crunch
• Also includes peanut oil, natural sweeteners and a banana nut flavour
• Alternative to fishmeal-based boilies
• Perfect for summer and winter fishing
• Easily digestible to hold fish for longer
• Shelf lifes: 10, 15, 20 and 26mm
• Freezer Baits: 15mm
• Pop-Ups: 15 and 20mm
• Liquid and Dip also within the range 


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ID: DBST Dynamite Baits Spicy Tuna and Sweet Chilli Boilies Shelf Life
Image 1

When an angler of the calibre of Frank Warwick says: “this bait is set to be an all-time classic of epic proportions,” you know you’re dealing with a bait that is something special. This is exactly how he described the Spicy Tuna and Sweet Chilli Boilie Range, our best-selling boilie for 2009!

Frank has been using tinned tuna in all of his Method mixes for years, hence tuna meal was added as a main ingredient for this boilie. Chilli is also regarded as a great stimulant which keeps carp feeding for many hours. The chilli agitates a carp’s taste buds and triggers them into feeding.  With this in mind red chilli flakes were also added to the mix.

To top it off, we’ve included Green Lipped Mussel and Liver Power in optimum amounts to give the bait an added edge.

Why you need this bait:
• Main ingredient: tuna meal and red chilli flakes
• Other key ingredients: Green Lipped Mussel and Liver Power
• A hard boilie to withstand nuisance fish
• Designed in conjunction with Frank Warwick


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ID: DY539 Dynamite Baits Sardine And Anchovy Boilie
Image 1

Sardine & Anchovy shelf life

One of the things Rod Hutchinson has learnt over his years of angling is that carp love fishy baits and by combining the two potent flavours of Sardine and Anchovy meal with added Anchovy extract you get a boilie with a really strong aroma that is packed full of protein and adored by carp.

This is then boosted even further with the addition of the proven carp attractor Green Lipped Mussel which contains lots of amino acids and gives the bait a real ‘kick’. It also helps to give the bait a dark green tinge.

As well as Rod’s new boilie, which is available in 10mm to 26mm shelf life sizes and as 15mm freezer baits, you can also buy matching Pop-Ups in 15mm and 20mm sizes. A Hookbait Dip and Liquid Attractant are also in the range.


Key features:
- Contains Sardine & Anchovy meal with added Anchovy extract
- Green Lipped Mussel added to enhance pulling power
- Dark green colour
- Available as 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 26mm shelf-life baits and 15mm freezer boilies
- Matching Pop-ups, Liquid Attractant and Hookbait Dip available


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ID: MLBNG Mainline New Grange Frozen Boilies
Image 1

Mainline Freezer Range New Grange 1kg

Mainline''s exclusive fresh frozen range of ready made boilies are a selection of our finest dedicated base mixes and ingredients. We have combined top quality enhancers and attractors with liquid food sources to offer exceptional performance for the discerningangler all year round.

To ensure vital active ingredients remainat their most effective these baits are delivered freezer fresh withing hours of rolling. The Hookbait Enhancement System provides dedicated dips for the full freezer range of boilies to help boost attraction in your baited area.

We also offer a full range Pop-Ups to compliment our Base Mixes and Fresh Frozen range.


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ID: MLCFB Mainline Cell Frozen Boilie
Image 1

Mainline Cell Frozen Boilie

The Cell is neither milk protein, fishmeal or birdfood. In fact The Cell is not your normal everyday carp bait. It is designed to provide a protein source that is easier for carp to convert than fishmeals and birdfoods, provoking a sustained feeding response in all water temperatures.

Actively field tested over a two year period with truly outstanding results, from a company you can trust. The Cell is now ready to take carp bait technology to a new level.


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ID: NMS01 Nash Monster Squid
Image 1 Nash Top Rod Monster Squid Boilies Frozen

Monster Squid originally started life on just the Monster Pursuit base mix but has been tested and tweaked for more than 6 years and the final touches including adjusting the liquid recipe and powder additives certainly have finished off to perfection what started as a very good bait in the first field testing years.

The Banana, Scopex, Shellfish Sense Appeal, Liver oil and Sweeteners make the mix a rich fruity, creamy, fishy and savoury blend, that covers any fishing trend on bait taste.

Monster Squid is very instant and certainly catches the big fish, having accounted for the Snake pit common and also Conningbrook’s 2 Tone early in 2010 during final field testing and has since caught a lot of other big fish from many waters.

Robin Red the ultimate big fish catcher


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